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Successful Installation of Cable Protection measures – North Cornwall Coast

This Easter Weekend saw Mojo Maritime successfully complete the installation of cable protection works in the potentially challenging conditions off of the North Cornwall coast.

The operation consisted of accurately placing rock filled filter units from the DP2 vessel “Stril Explorer” to create a protection berm for the Wave Hub 33KV export cable.

The filter unit consists of a CE approved fibre mesh bag complying with Eco-Mark requirements containing 2 tonnes of aggregate. As the filled bags adopt the profile of the seabed when lowered, they can be used to construct protection measures without the need for seabed preparation and are easily handled due to the certified lifting eyes incorporated into the unit.

In order to achieve the centimetre positional tolerances required for this project, Mojo Maritime designed a specialist lifting beam incorporating remotely actuated lifting pins capable of lifting two units at a time and placing them accurately to meet the protection measure design. This enabled 105 filled units to be placed in position within 14 hours, despite experiencing poor subsea visibility.

Moving forward, Mojo intend to build on the success of this project by continuing to develop the specialist lifting equipment to offer their clients even faster construction of precise and accurate cable, scour and crossing protection measures.