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Swedish wave farm set for hook-up

Sweden’s Seabased Industry has installed 36 wave energy converters at its project in Smogen.

The array of 30kW devices totals more than 1MW. A spokesman said Seabased had been waiting for a suitable weather window since November to install the units.

Seabased expects to connect the devices to the Swedish grid in the coming weeks.

The wave energy park in north-west Sweden is a collaboration between Finnish utility Fortum and the Swedish Energy Agency. Seabased hold permits allowing the site to install up to 10MW of its point absorber wave energy converters.

This wave power park has been planned for many years and naturally it is very exciting to see it physically taking shape.

Fortum chief technical officer Heli Antila

Meanwhile, Ireland's Simply Blue Energy plans to install around 200 Seabased generators totalling 10MW at Cornwall's Wave Hub facility in the UK by early 2017.

Story from reNews