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Seatricity's Oceanus 2 Wave device deployed at Wave Hub

Seatricity - Decommissioning of Moorings

Following completion of the Oceanus 2 trials at Wave Hub, Seatricity Limited plan to decommission their mooring equipment from the Wave Hub offshore site.

The decommissioning of the mooring infrastructure is planned to be completed during summer 2018. Subject to weather, the works are projected to take up to ten days. 

A further notice will be issued when all equipment has been removed but until that notice of clearance is issued, mariners should stay clear of this area due to risk of entanglement with the residual components of the mooring system.

During the decommissioning works, Seatricity Limited respectfully request a 500m clearance from the Berth and Primary Works Vessel due to the heavy lifts being undertaken and the vessel’s restricted manoeuvrability when working or transiting from the site with under-slung loads. Whilst all efforts will be made to avoid diving, a dive team will also be on stand-by to support if required. Any such diving activity will be clearly marked in accordance with the regulations and will also require a 500m safety clearance.

Full project safety information including details of the residual mooring equipment, locations, works scope and vessel data is available in the download below.

For further works information or to report any fault or incident relating to this project please contact:

Bob Tillotson – Seatricity Technical Director – Email:

Andy Bristow – Seatricity Local Operations Manager – Mobile: 07860 419262


  • Seatricity Moorings Decommissioning Safety Information - April 2018 UpdateDownload