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Wave Hub

Wave Hub is the world's largest and most technologically advanced open access site for the testing and development of offshore renewable energy technology. It is the first and most advanced FLOW project in the Celtic Sea and the only FLOW project in the UK likely to be eligible to participate in Contracts For Difference Auction Round 4, set to take place in 2021.

Located 16km offshore from Hayle on the north coast of Cornwall, at the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the Wave Hub site offers:

  • Four cable connection points for testing offshore renewable energy technology;
  • Purpose built and commissioned, grid connected infrastructure with a 30MW export capacity, upgradable to 40MW;
  • Grid connection at either 11kV or 33kV;
  • Fully consented testing environment with a 25-year seabed lease;
  • Water depths ranging from 51m - 57m;
  • One of the best offshore wind and wave resources in Europe;
  • Full range of robust baseline data;
  • Proximity to a variety of ports and associated infrastructure;
  • Access to expert academic institutions specialising in offshore renewables;
  • Access to regional funding support;
  • A dedicated and highly experienced operational team.


Wave Hub is now seen as the first vital stepping stone to realise the full potential of the Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind opportunity. As a soon-to-be consented site for FLOW, all electrical infrastructure and grid connection already in place, it offers project developers a three-year head start, given typical timescales for planning and consenting.

More detailed information about deploying at Wave Hub and the nature of the onshore and offshore sites can be found here.

Our Company

Wave Hub Limited is based in Hayle, Cornwall and Pembroke Dock in Wales. Offering outstanding offshore test sites to advance the development of offshore renewable energy technologies, we also provide all the specialist services and support that project and technology developers may need. Our primary purpose is to help accelerate sustainable growth in the offshore renewables sector and the build-out of the Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind industry.

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Deploying at Wave Hub

Our team of specialists can assist with all aspects of your deployment, from marine operations to electrical systems and consenting and navigational safety.

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Latest News

For all the latest news about Wave Hub Limited, our sites, customers and the global offshore renewable energy sector.

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